Hospitality NZ 18+ Card Evidence of Age Document

The NZ 18+ Card is an approved photographic evidence of age document quite similar to a passport or a photo driver licence. This document gives young people over the age of 18 the access to buy alcohol or visit anywhere restricted for under 18 in New Zealand.

So if you’re under 25 and every time you walk into a bar, pub or club to buy alcohol, you are asked for an ID, then it’s time to apply for the Hospitality NZ 18+ Card.

How to Apply for
Hospitality NZ 18+ Card

The first requirement for the application of a Hospitality NZ 18+ Card is that you must be 18 years of age. Secondly, you must provide a passport sized photograph and also an original photo ID. The  primary identification document could be a New Zealand’s driver license or a passport. Lastly, an address proof (Phone or electricity bill).

Next step is to pick a form in any of the post offices closest to you or you can download the forms online.  Bars, clubs and bottle shops can also be checked for forms too.

Once the form is properly filled, it should be taken to any NZ post for proper checking and processing. A fee of $45 NZD is charged and it takes 2-3 weeks for processing and collection.

The Kiwi Access Card

The Hospitality NZ 18+ Card has been recently replaced by another card called The ‘Kiwi Access Card’. So at the expiration of every NZ 18+ Card, every previous user is expected to apply for the Kiwi Access Card. The new card can be used as an Identity card and also for evidence of age. It is available for foreign visitors and NZ citizens.

Also launched by Hospitality NZ, the Kiwi card is designed for easy access of goods and services to NZ citizens and residents. For people without valid ID cards or driver licence, it serves as a means of identification. The forms can be collected from a local NZ post office or downloaded online.

How to Apply For A Kiwi Access Card

  • You must be 18 or over to apply
  • A passport sized photograph (You can find somewhere to take one if you don’t have)
  • Evidence of address (Utility or phone bills)
  • A photo ID for proof of identity. This could be any of the documents below:
  1. Your 18+ Card- Current or expired can be used (Expiration should not be more than two years)
  2. A current or expired New Zealand driver licence (Expiration should not be more than two years)
  3. A current or expired passport (Expiration should not be more than two years)
  4. A current or expired firearms licence(Expiration should not be more than two years)
  5. A Current or expired New Zealand Government Issued Refugee Travel Document (Expiration should not be more than two years)
  6. A current or expired certificate of identity (Expiration should not be more than two years)

In any event that you don’t have any of the above, you can still further your application but you need someone over 18 to prove you are eligible or you can submit your birth certificate.